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Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Entertainer

A life in music has honed Dominic’s skills to a place where his songwriting ability has led to his music being used in many TV shows and films – most recently “Heist” starring Robert De Niro. 



As a performer, Dominic knows what is required at any type of occasion to give the audience a great experience. 


Accompanying Dominic’s lead vocals, his main instrument is guitar – electric and acoustic. Dominic has been compared to an ‘Elvis meets Sinatra’ style; very vintage yet contemporary. However you may wish to categorise his voice, whether singing a ballad with a silky smoothness or a rock and roll classic in authentic 50’s style, Dominic always leaves his audiences wanting more!


With his father in the RAF, Dominic lived in many different places as a child. No matter where they were, there were always great house parties, where friends would enjoy records by the likes of Dean Martin, Bobby Darin, Elvis Presley, Louis Prima and Frank Sinatra alike. Dominic was allowed to stay up late if he changed the records on the record player! These childhood memories were the main area and root of where Dominic’s love for music of that genre originated.

Dominic HALPIN



Dominic Halpin on grandparents farm

Two of his young friends – one girl, one boy - at the time also had guitars and they used to sit on the kerb playing them.  They named themselves The Kerb and performed concerts for family and friends.


When Dominic was 15, he put together a rockabilly band called Rocking Red Roosters – playing local gigs in and around Manchester. He had various ‘day’ jobs but music was always his real passion.​​


Just a few years later, Dominic jetted off to Australia for a holiday, with just a rucksack and a guitar.  He soon decided it was time to come back, though, returning to the UK after 18 years.  He went back to the Manchester area – and put together swing band Dominic Halpin & The Honey B’s. The success of this band has recognised Dominic Halpin & The Honey B’s as the UK’s number one Swing Party Band, and if you have seen the band live, it’s not hard to see why!

Dominic was born into a family of a father who was in the RAF and a Spanish mother.  As a small child, during school holidays, he spent a lot of time in Spain – together with his sister - with his mother’s family.

One day, he went to a small outdoor concert where there was a band on stage. Sitting on the steps of the stage, Dominic was fascinated by the guitar player, whose playing was effortless, the guitar pick barely touching the strings but making a very powerful sound.


Dominic remembered seeing an old guitar in one of the barns at his grandparents’ farm and retrieved it when he got back there.  It had just one string!  He was determined that he was going to learn how to get a tune out of this guitar and taught himself how to play, being able to eventually play some recognisable simple tunes. He would entertain the family in Spain with this and it was where his passion for performing really began.


Back in Manchester, he asked for a guitar for a Christmas present which his dad bought for him.  It was a couple of months before Christmas when his dad brought it home and ‘hid’ it under the bed!  Dominic soon worked out where it was and each time his parents would go out, he would reach under the bed, retrieve the guitar and the tutorial book that came with it and start teaching himself, making sure to return it to its hiding place before his parents returned.  When it came to Christmas time, he opened up the present and was so surprised(!) to get a guitar.  His family were amazed at just how quickly Dominic learned to play it – a child prodigy no less (so they thought)!!

Dominic Halpin at sixteen


This is Swing but not as you know it!

Dominic Halpin & the Honey b"s Swing Band

Dominic Halpin & The Honey B's have established themselves as one of the most in-demand acts in the UK. Since bursting onto the scene they have racked up an impressive list of show dates, from Blenheim Palace to a headline show at the Abu Dhabi International Jazz Festival.  With a client list including Simon Cowell, Elle McPherson and The Savoy, London, their energetic floor show and swingin’ rhythms have entertained audiences not only throughout the UK, but also all over the world.



With The Suspects – Performing on the inaugural cruise on what was, at that time (1998), the largest cruise liner in the world – the Grand Princess.


With The Suspects - Becoming regular entertainers at the Sydney Harbour Casino, culminating in being awarded Best New Swing Club Act in 2002


With The Suspects – Performing at one of the official events of the 2003 Rugby Union World Cup in Sydney.


With The Honey B’s – Being invited to entertain at a birthday party given by Simon Cowell for his mother.


In 2009, Dominic was approached by the producers of a tribute to Dora Bryan. Having heard his version of the title song from the film A Taste Of Honey (in which Dora Bryan starred) which was included on his CD ‘Traditional’, Dominic was asked to appear on the show to perform the song.  Also on the bill that evening was Sir Cliff Richard.


With The Honey B’s – In 2011, Dominic had the honour of performing alongside Tony Bennett at an intimate private concert in Canada.


With The Honey B’s – In 2012 at the re-opening of Peckforton Castle in Cheshire, Dominic & the Honey B’s were part of a star studded bill which included Emeli Sandé.


Recording his CD “4000 Miles” in Nashville with Ronnie Tutt (formerly Elvis Presley’s drummer) – see “Other Projects”.



Dominic’s love for performing goes hand in hand with his passion for song writing. Dominic has a vast catalogue of original songs and musical pieces, many of which have been used in TV, Film and foreign media.


His music featured on the Hollywood film Dorm Daze II and has also appeared in several American television series, including Brothers and Sisters and MTV’s hit show Run's House.

Dominic’s version of ‘Sway’ was used in a Russian film ‘Hitler Kaput’ and is also available on the soundtrack.


In 2015, Dominic’s own song “Bring Down The Sails” was used in the Robert De Niro film “Heist”.  The song appears on the official soundtrack to the film.  In addition to this, several of Dominic’s songs were used in the Russian film “Love In Vegas” in which Sharon Stone appeared.


In late 2010, Dominic had just written a song – Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s Christmas – when he heard about Holly and Lucy, 7 year old twins with cerebral palsy.  The Happy Feet Appeal had been launched to raise money to take them to America for corrective surgery, giving them the ‘happy feet’ they wanted so much. Dominic donated the song, making it available for download via his website for £1.50 with all the proceeds being given to the charity.  He produced a video to accompany the song which reached over 1,000 views.


In 2013, having built up a large collection of self-penned songs, Dominic decided to record them with a creative vision of capturing a true authentic sound. Having always wanted to record in Nashville, this was his first choice for a recording studio. Next was the decision of who he would love to have involved on the recording. As a long-time admirer of Ronnie Tutt (Elvis’s Drummer), Dominic contacted Ronnie, who enthusiastically accepted the offer to join the project. Off went Dominic to Nashville and the CD “4000 Miles” was recorded. A collection of retro-style songs with a slight country flavour, this CD has something for everybody.

Nashville Studio Ronnit Tutt

This is what Ronnie had to say about the project.


"First of all I have to say that this project with Dominic was one of the most fun times I've had in the studio.  I love the simplistic approach he takes to his music - never over produced.  His melodies are simple but memorable and upon first hearing I really liked the style, the clever arrangements, his voice, lyrics - to sum it up in one word: BRILLIANT!  I sincerely hope that nothing but GREAT things come from this GREAT SOUNDING RECORDING!”

Ron Tutt - Elvis Presley's Drummer


Recorded in Nashville, 4000 Miles is a collection of 11 original songs by Dominic.

Dominic Halpin - Vocals & Guitar

Will Kimbrough - Guitar & backing vocals

Ben Wiltshire - Bass & backing vocals

Ronnie Tutt - Drums

Recorded at OmniSound Studios in Nashville

Engineered & Mixed by Casey Wood

Assistant Engineer - Michael Walter

Additional editing by Alex Miler @Spirit Studios SSR Manchester

& Chris Taylor at Noiseboy Studios

Mastered by Sean Magee at Abbey Road in London


A Country Night In Nashville



Band with Logo lo Res.jpg

Experience the magic of Nashville right in your own backyard with "A Country Night in Nashville" starring Dominic Halpin and the Hurricanes. Step into a buzzing Honky Tonk in downtown Nashville and immerse yourself in the energy and atmosphere of the home of country music.


Get ready for a musical journey through the rich history of Country, as Dominic Halpin and the Hurricanes bring to life the biggest hits from country music legends past and present. From Johnny Cash to Alan Jackson, Dolly Parton to the Dixie Chicks, Willie Nelson to Lady Antebellum, this show has it all.


Sing along to timeless classics like "Ring Of Fire," "Crazy," and "Wagon Wheel," and get ready to dance the night away to favourites like "Jackson" and "Need You Now." With an incredible lineup of songs including "9-5" and "The Gambler," this unforgettable celebration of country music is an experience you won't want to miss.


Join Dominic Halpin and the Hurricanes for "A Country Night in Nashville" and let the magic of country music transport you to the heart of Music City. Get your tickets now for a night that will leave you singing and dancing all the way home.

One Night In Nashville - Written By Dominic Halpin

A Country Night In Nashville


Skydive, see the Mona Lisa, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, learn a second language, learn a musical instrument, snorkel the Great Barrier Reef. Whatever’s on your bucket list, mine was to visit Nashville, and boy did I just.


Nashville is the capital of the state of Tennessee and home of country music.  Lower Broadway is where you'll find the live honky tonk bars.  Music is everywhere.  I spent a few nights soaking up the atmosphere and was completely blown away by the quality of the bands playing.


A little further south-west from Broadway is Music Row.  This is where the famous music publishers and recording studios are all situated.  One studio I just had to visit was RCA’s Studio B, where Dolly Parton recorded both Jolene and I Will Always Love You.  Many other artists, such as Jim Reeves, The Everly Brothers, Don Gibson and Elvis recorded some of their songs there, too.  Walking around the studio listening to faint sounds of hits from the past made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end.  In the centre of the room was the original piano that you hear on so many recordings.  “Play it if you like,” said the guide, but I could only bring myself to place my fingers gently over the keys and close my eyes.  Just for a split second I could hear the faint echoes of It’s Now Or Never, Only The Lonely and Sea of Heartbreak.

DominicHalpin and Acoustic Guitar
Manuel Cuevas and Dominic Halpin

Flamboyant, rhinestone-encrusted Nudie suits were popular in the fifties and worn by the likes of Hank Williams, Gene Autry and Lefty Frizzell.  Named after the designer Nudie Cohn, these suits were in high demand.  Nudie took on an apprentice, Manuel Cuevas, and it wasn't long before Manuel was not only head designer and tailor, but an equal partner in the business.

I had no idea where Manuel’s store in Nashville could be, but after walking across a road from one of the record shops, there it was.  Inside I was greeted by a young assistant and was soon trying on the beautiful jackets. The assistant then showed me the process for fixing rhinestones.  I explained my dilemma with playing guitar and how my jackets wear against the strap, when in walked Manuel complete with tape measure around his neck.  We chatted and he invited me to an open evening event that night and was happy to chat about his work.  Today, his jackets are still popular and worn by Dwight Yoakam and Zac Brown Band, amongst others. He was also responsible for designing the image for Johnny Cash - “Man In Black”.

The amazing history that Nashville holds for country music is definitely something to be experienced, and as for my bucket list,
I’ve added a NUDIE SUIT.

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